6 Projectors for Your Home in UAE

A projector is an electronic device that connects to a computer and takes images & videos and reproduces them by projection onto a screen, wall or surface. With online streaming services presenting new shows and movies every day in the modern world, there is no better way to watch them than from the comfort of your own home, particularly through a home theatre system.

Large-screen TVs are a good option, but that doesn’t mean they’re the best option and projectors offer way more benefits and improved viewing experience. The beauty of projectors is that they can operate on any surface rather than through one set screen, which is a limitation of televisions.

Moreover, a prime advantage of projectors is that screen size can be configured to any size you desire and the hardware is not bound to an external surface which makes the screen size infinitely customisable. They have the advantage of not being restricted by an outer limit and produce large images that deliver a theatre-like experience. Additionally, they provide more eye comfort as it’s easier for the eyes to view a larger screen than a small one. This blog will talk about several types of projectors for your home and the benefits they bring.

1. Vikusha Android Projector V860 Chip Intelligence

This is a must-have in your home theatre system for many great reasons. It supports full HD 4K highest resolution and gives vibrant colour with HD projection image quality. It enables excellent playback of films, videos, games, photos and TV programs that can be set up at your will. It is light and handy to carry when you go to different places and is convenient to set up anywhere. It is ideal for home parties, backyards, movie nights and other celebrations. Moreover, it’s equipped with multiple ports and can be easily connected to your mobile phone using apps. You can get this through the Carrefour Promo Code Dubai.

2. Wownect Wireless Projector Wifi

You need this in your projector collection and you will not regret the purchase. It’s ideal for home entertainment, kids’ education and playing games without any interference at HD resolution with clear pictures. It gives an excellent experience for your family with visual enjoyment and brings you a home theatre experience with high resolution. It’s made with a built-in stereo surround speaker for better volume and good quality sound so you can enjoy watching movies and sports matches. It also gives you the option to mirror your phone with LED lamp for up to 30,000 hours.

3. Hisense PX1-Pro 4K UHD Triple-Laser Projector

This will be a great addition to your family movie nights due to several factors. The PX1G PRO uses pure red, green and blue lasers to achieve new levels of colour performance reaching 107% of the colour space which suppresses any flat panel TV on the market. The ultra-short throw laser projector projects colourful and bright 4K images up to 130 inches in a super large size which creates a picture that fills your field of view. Its High Dynamic Range opens up a whole new range of colours and contrast so you can enjoy a stunningly vibrant picture with incredible depth and rich details.

4. Epson WXGA Projector CO-WO1 White

This is a necessity in your home and it will not disappoint. It has great quality with 3LCD technology that makes the display up to three times brighter than competitor products thanks to its bright and vivid colours. Even in bright rooms, this powerful yet affordable projector delivers exceptionally bright and colourful images with clear details. It features 3LCD technology which produces an equally high, white and light output of 3000 lumens. Its long-lasting lamp light source provides you with 18 years’ worth of entertainment. It’s designed with portability and quick set-up in mind and its compact design makes it easy to move from to room.

5. Ozone DL-S12 Mini Portable Android Smart Projector

This is a must-have in your home theatre essentials for numerous reasons. It features bright images with suitable brightness and supports 1080P, producing sharper and more realistic colours. It presents a high contrast ratio that is ideal for cinematic pleasure and uniform illumination upgrades your viewing experience. It’s constructed with superior plastic and its outer shell is made in such a way that it does not overheat. The interior fan also exerts great influence on heat dissipation. It’s suitable for video playback, football matches, TV series, etc.

6. BenQ Meeting Room Projector 4000

You need this in your office for numerous reasons. Its dual HDMI connectivity provides flexible connectivity and faster data transmission to digital devices. It automatically turns on the projector once the HDMI signal is detected and comes with all-glass lenses for brilliant image clarity and quality.

It’s made with a Data Review Mode that makes every letter and digit extremely clear and its Exclusive Infographic Mode showcases the text and graphics in detail. The intuitive windows design helps display the contents clearly and the SmartEco Mode saves lamp power up to 70%. Its emphasized contrast and clarity speed up your meeting and it protects the image from any angle to get the perfect squared image with Auto Vertical Keystone.

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