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If you need medical assistance but don’t want to spend the money on an invasive appointment or emergency room visit, HealthTap could be the perfect solution. It’s a virtual healthcare provider that provides both primary care and urgent care services at low costs.

HealthTap promises its medical experts can answer your queries without an appointment, and the company boasts a database of over 10,000 physicians.

Get an appointment with a doctor.

If you need immediate medical attention, HealthTap can provide the solution. Their app-based service provides 24/7 access to an extensive network of qualified online doctor, dentists and clinical psychologists.

The service also features a library of doctor-answered questions and an AI-based symptom checker to help patients decide whether they need to see a physician or not. Members can ask their own questions and get answers within 24 hours.

The platform offers two subscription plans, Prime and Basic, that enable customers to book primary care video appointments for $40 or Urgent Care video visits for $30. If your insurance covers telehealth consultations, Prime may be a more cost-effective alternative than Basic.

Get a prescription.

HealthTap provides access to quality healthcare 24/7, whether you have a medical issue that needs attending to or just want advice on your diet. Doctors are available every day of the year to assist in managing your condition and keeping you healthy.

The service also provides an AI-powered symptom checker that assists users in diagnosing their symptoms and pinpointing potential causes. This data can then be shared with doctors, making appointment booking much simpler. mynoteworld

For just $99 a month (plus $10 for each additional family member), subscribers can enjoy real-time consultations with licensed physicians through video, audio or chat. This subscription plan can be accessed through its mobile apps and website.

Get lab results.

HealthTap and Quest Diagnostics have joined forces to simplify getting lab results. When doctors on the HealthTap platform order tests through their secure portal or app, the results will be sent directly to them via Quest’s national laboratory provider Quest Diagnostics.

On Tuesday, Telehealth companies issued a press release announcing their collaboration with an organization that can offer comprehensive testing services.

HealthTap doctors now have access to Quest’s extensive test library, including common blood, white blood cell count and gene-based diagnostics. With this partnership, customers will have the ability to view their results on any mobile device or personal computer through Quest’s MyQuest app. Results like these are essential pieces of the puzzle because they help doctors prescribe appropriate medications and other treatments that improve patient care and Urdughr outcomes.

Get a referral.

HealthTap is a digital health platform that connects you with physicians via text or video chat. It provides prescriptions, referrals, and second opinions for both primary care and specialized telehealth services.

It also offers a medical question and answer knowledge base, physician-reviewed health news, and an interactive care guide – all free of charge to everyone!

For $99 per month, users can take advantage of Prime service that provides live video consultations with doctors.

Unfortunately, this service may not be available in all areas.

For instance, Medicare does not cover psychiatry visits.

HealthTap’s website states that its doctors provide treatment for a range of conditions, such as children’s health, men’s health, sexual health, travel medicine and chronic care FAQ BLOG.

The company’s network of doctors is expanding rapidly. It reports that more than 11,000 practitioners are now accessible through its platform dstvportal.

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