How to Repair a Horizontal Crack in Foundation

The best way to repair a horizontal crack in your foundation is to contact a professional foundation repair company. These contractors can perform various types of foundation repair services, including crack injections and carbon fiber repair. The materials used for crack repair are epoxy and polyurethane, which are then bonded to the wall to stabilize the area. While these methods may provide a temporary fix, they are not permanent, and you may eventually need to hire a structural engineer to assess the stability of your foundation.

The majority of vertical cracks are smaller than an eighth of an inch in width and typically form in the center of a home’s walls. These cracks should be covered with a patch to prevent further damage. However, if the cracks are wider or more numerous, they may indicate a more serious problem. If you find multiple cracks, it may be a sign of a problem with your foundation footing and should be repaired by a foundation repair company.

The cause of a horizontal crack is hydrostatic pressure from the outside walls of a home, which can result in a collapse of the foundation. Because of this, a professional foundation repair company can stabilize your foundation by performing hydraulic lifting or excavation around the outside of the wall. A foundation contractor can also perform underpinning a steel wall. Regardless of the cause, you should call a foundation repair company as soon as possible.

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