Types of Water Filters For Home Use

There are two main types of water filters for home use: whole house and point-of-entry systems. Whole house filters are typically installed in the basement and filter water throughout the entire house. Whole house filters are typically more expensive and difficult to install, so it is best to select one that meets your particular needs. Point-of-use filters, on the other hand, are usually installed under the sink or on individual fixtures. They are often used for secondary water filtration or to purify cold water lines.

Whole house water filter systems are the largest and most expensive of all three types. They treat all of the water in your house and protect your appliances and plumbing. Countertop and under sink water filters only filter the water that enters your sinks, faucets, and aren’t necessary for protecting appliances. Countertop filters are less expensive than whole house filters, but they won’t protect your appliances and only provide one source of filtered water in your home.

Inline water filters hook into the main water line and dispense filtered water as you turn the faucet. They are perfect for under-sink installations and reduce many of the problems associated with municipal water, including odour, chlorine taste, and bacteria. These filters also last longer than other types and can be easily replaced when necessary. They can be expensive, but they tend to eliminate a lot of contaminants from water mezoka.

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